Capital Campaigns

God has blessed Youth Dynamics with youth centers and adventure bases throughout the Pacific Northwest to assist in meeting its mission: to invite and challenge youth to a lifelong adventure with Christ and His church. Addressing unique facility challenges and finding creative solutions, and expanding infrastructure for maximum effectiveness will increase ministry capacity and impact. Below are a few projects we have in the pipline.

Highlight Chalet

Stonewater Renovation Campaign

Youth Dynamics is blessed to steward the 158-acre property near Leavenworth, Washington, for spiritual, physical, and relational development. The overall goal for completing this campaign is to increase ministry capacity and guest experience. 

The buildings located on the property were initially built in the late 1970s and designed for a group home for boys. The intended use for those buildings is now different and requires renovation and expansion. Now is the time to invest in the property of Stonewater and renovate it specifically for how Youth Dynamics powerfully impacts lives through relational adventure youth ministry.

Highlights Salmon River

Salmon River Adventure Base Campaign

The Salmon River Adventure Base, located in Grangeville, Idaho, will provide logistic support for adventure trips utilizing the Lower Salmon River as a ministry tool. Supporting Washington, Oregon, and Idaho ministries and future ministry expansion into Montana and beyond, this base will store equipment, provide accommodations for out-of-state participants, and is just 20 minutes from the put-in.

The 1.22-acre property has several dated outbuildings and is in need of site improvements, including adding an Adventure Center, Pavilion, and picnic area. In addition, two vans and a truck are needed to help facilitate larger groups and the equipment