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A Christmas Message:

What is hope? I hope my team will win? I hope I don’t lose my job? I hope I don’t get sick? When we use hope like this, it seems like a simple wish or a wish that contains a hint of desperation. The results remain uncertain. On the other hand, the Bible offers a different definition of hope. In Romans 5:5, the apostle Paul says, “And hope does not disappoint us.”  

In a more uncertain world than ever, we long for a hope that won’t disappoint; and we can find this kind of hope only in Christ. 

This reminds me of Anna’s recent experience on a Youth Dynamics’ trip. She said with joy, “This week will be unforgettable. For me, it was an epic adventure. Before Youth Dynamics, I had little or no relationship at all with Jesus. Today, I feel a great bond with God.” Anna found hope in Christ! 

Thank you for your prayers and support that provide hope to students like Anna. I pray that in all things God will fill you with His hope!

Merry Christmas!

Tom Davis

President, Youth Dynamics

How amazing that God gives hope that does not disappoint us! After receiving such an amazing gift, it is natural that we desire to give to others out of our overflow. Christmas is a great time for us to give to others as we remember what God gave us.

Will you please consider giving a special Christmas gift?

Click on the red “A Christmas Gift” button to make your year-end gift today. If you’d like to split your gift between multiple staff members or ministry areas, please do so in separate transactions. 

Thank you!

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