Coronavirus Response

As followers of Jesus, we are moved with compassion to care well for the students we love and the guests who use our adventure trips and retreats. Safety is a top priority, and we are committed to complying with the guidelines and regulations of government agencies and health authorities regarding COVID-19. 


Stonewater and Youth Dynamics Adventures

Our guests remain our highest priority. We take great pride in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene and have made additional measures to do so. We remain committed to offering flexible booking options. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Financial Impact

Due to restrictions, many adventure trips and fundraising events have been canceled. The cancelations have had a financial impact on the organization. Here is an overview of the impact across our ministry:

  • STAFF SUPPORT IMPACT: Many of our staff are supported by individual donors and we are grateful for the generous support. Unfortunately, we have learned that some donors have lost their jobs and as a result are not able to continue supporting the staff person.


  • AREA MINISTRY IMPACT: Our ministry areas conduct spring fundraisers to help raise critical funds to pay for programming expenses, rent, and electricity at the youth centers. In addition, these events raise much-needed scholarship funds so students who cannot afford to go on an adventure can do so. Unfortunately, all spring fundraising events have been canceled, thus no funds raised to help cover expenses.


  • ADVENTURE BASE IMPACT: Our adventure bases rely on trip revenue to pay for operating and program costs such as paying rent, servicing equipment, maintaining insurance, retaining permits, among other things. Until we hear otherwise, we anticipate summer trips to continue as planned. However, due to the canceled spring trips and the resulting loss of trip revenue, we have no extra funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need as we launch into summer.

While we have set up different funding opportunities to help with the need, we are relying on you, our faithful and generous donors, to help us bridge the gap. If you have the capacity to give, please use the buttons to the right to make an urgent gift to one of the COVID-19 Impact Funds.


Creative Ministry

We are still connecting and communicating with our youth during this time, and we have returned to a modified schedule with students! We have also implemented safe, creative, and meaningful opportunities for students to participate in Youth Dynamics via technology.


Going Forward this Fall and Winter

We are committed to providing programs as well as incredible adventures and retreats this fall and winter.


Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We thank God for you.

Please make a special gift today.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the relational adventure ministry model we love is rapidly experiencing unprecedented disruption with the ‘stay at home’ order in place. But we believe God is still moving and ministry should continue to go forward even during this unforeseen crisis. Your gift will help us develop digital ministry tools, relieve financial burden on the areas and bases due to canceled trips, retreats, and fundraisers, and allow us to respond quickly to new challenges as they arise. We believe the good news of the gospel has even more power to change lives during times of uncertainty and chaos. Thank you for joining with us!

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