This category is for permanent staff who are on staff year-round either full-time or part-time.

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Area Staff, Rochester

Luke Barth Area Staff, Rochester About Luke Barth Contact Info 360-594-7635 Support Luke Barth! Support Luke Barth! Close

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Operations Manager, Oregon

Jackson Bacon Operations Manager, Oregon About Jackson Bacon Contact Info 217-361-8440 Support Jackson Bacon! Support Jackson Bacon! Close

Jacobe Croff

Associate Program Manager, Oregon

Jacobe Croff Associate Program Manager, Oregon About Jacobe Croff Seeing the need for Relational Adventure Ministry and the impact it has on students today, God has given me the opportunity to join a group of staff who loves and lives for Jesus, shows Christ’s example to the groups we lead, and has made an incredible…

Kevik Marta Selfie

Area Director, Concrete

Kevik Rensink Area Director, Concrete About Kevik Rensink … Contact Info (360) 853-9140 Support Concrete Youth Dynamics! Support Concrete Youth Dynamics! Close

Paine Website

Area Director, Okanogan Valley

Brian Paine Area Director, Okanogan Valley About Brian Paine Some might say I was born to work with youth. Thirty years of my life have been devoted to teaching, coaching, mentoring, and supporting kids of every age. Jesus has called me to serve and encourage youth and be an agent of hope in their lives.…


Area Director, Riggins

Wade Henderson Area Director, Riggins About Wade Henderson       I spent 23 years devoted to protecting our country while serving in the United States Navy. I have now been called to the spiritual protection of our youth through Youth Dynamics.       I came to know Christ later in life upon hearing…

Ryan Coleman

Area Director, Emmett

Ryan Coleman Area Director, Emmett About Ryan Coleman Ryan was always one caught between two worlds. Native to Arkansas, cultural Christianity prevailed all around him and his family. Around the third grade his family moved 1,600 miles west to Emmett, Idaho. Here the clash of those two worlds intensified in his early teen years. Rebellion…

Ben Jackson Profile

Area Director, Horseshoe Bend

Ben Jackson Area Director, Horseshoe Bend About Ben Jackson Ben is from all over the east coast, a stranger to few people, and an audiobook addict. He attended the University of Georgia and Westminster Theological Seminary (Philly) and has worked with several campus ministries. He married the most remarkable woman he knows, Allison. Jesus has…

Christian Eckley

Staff, Rochester

Christian Eckley Area Director, Rochester About Christian Eckley At the age of 14, I felt The Lord calling me into ministry during a mission trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia. The Lord’s calling never changed, and with a wake-up call in the form of a car accident that would take me years to recover from, God brought…

Juan Paz

Staff, Columbia Valley

Juan Paz Staff, Columbia Valley About Juan Paz I was born in Guatemala, and came to the USA at the age of 19.  As an Immigrant, I faced many challenges in a new country.  As I started to follow the Lord, I knew there was a deep call on my life to serve. I met…