This category is for permanent staff who are on staff year-round either full-time or part-time.

Rick D'Atre

Program Director/Wilderness Manager, Stonewater

Rick D’Atre Program Director/Wilderness Manager, Stonewater About Rick D’Atre I first heard about Youth Dynamics at an Urbana Missions Conference in 1996. My wife and I decided to come out as Summer Staff the following summer with the intent of becoming full-time staff. That summer wasn’t without its struggles and disappointments, but it was the…

Sean Sallis

Area Director, Moses Lake

Sean Sallis Area Director, Moses Lake About Sean Sallis As a teenager, I faced challenges at home that left me looking for answers in the chaos. I was invited to a youth group at First Baptist Church of Moses Lake by a group of friends and I was very nervous about attending. It was through…

Katelynn Kazen 2021

Staffing Manager, Stonewater

Katelynn Kazen Staffing Manager, Stonewater About Katelynn Kazen I was born and raised in Arlington, WA in a Christian home. My parents started volunteering with Youth Dynamics back in the early 1990’s as raft guides so I grew up around the river and wilderness ministry. I have so many fond memories of that time. Growing…

Kshattuck Profile Pic

Regional Director, SW Idaho

Kelly Shattuck Regional Director, SW Idaho About Kelly Shattuck During registration as a freshman at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus, I met Eric who invited me to attend “an investigative Bible study on the life of Christ.” Hoping to meet some new girls at that study, I, instead, met the Lord Jesus Christ through my brother,…

Brandon Burie 2022

Marketing Coordinator / Area Staff, Idaho

Brandon Burie Marketing Coordinator / Area Staff, Idaho About Brandon Burie Hi all! My favorite memories from growing up all seem to involve some adventure in the outdoors whether it be skiing, hiking, the beach, or football in the yard, being outside was a big part of my childhood and I believe is a big…

Heather Amann

Human Resources Director / Business Manager

Heather Amann Human Resources Director Part-time Business Manager, Oregon About Well hello! I’m Heather, an Oregon native who likes rain, although I’d prefer it not to flood my tent. I love to play outside: rock climbing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and sometimes SCUBA with my husband, Shawn. Since Addie joined our family, I mostly…

Koepke 2

Staffing Manager, Idaho

Garrett Koepke Staffing Manager, Idaho Hi, I’m Garrett! My desire is to impart the Father’s heart to others, empower them to pursue their calling, and release them to the nations to do the same for others. My position as Staffing Manager at Youth Dynamics allows me to effectively combine this desire with the power of…

Greg Johnson

Director, Stonewater

Greg Johnson Director, Stonewater About Greg has a background of more than 32 years of vocational ministry, leadership development, corporate, and wilderness experience. He is currently the Director of Stonewater, Youth Dynamics’ largest facility near Leavenworth, WA. Greg enjoys time with his wife, Ursula, his four grown kids, and close friends. In his free time,…

Danny Weston

Area Director, Skagit Valley

Danny Weston Area Director, Skagit Valley About Contact Info (360) 630-8124 Support Daniel Weston! Daniel Weston Close

David Hanthorn

Base Director, Oregon

Dave Hanthorn Base Director, Oregon About Some of my earliest memories are the ones created in the outdoors, the fresh air, the sights and sounds of nature, solitude, discovery, shared experiences with family and friends. The squeaky sounds of cold snow under foot, the warmth of the sun, and the calming ripple sounds of a…