Teens need to hear the hope found in Jesus—especially during times such as this.

The last thirteen months have been unprecedented. As we continue to reach out to teenagers during this pandemic, the state of emotional and mental health we are seeing is alarming.

Michael*, for example, a very active and athletic 16-year-old when the coronavirus hit last year, now suffers from deep depression while secluded at home during the formative years of high school. Typically, an above-average student, Michael’s grades slipped, and his motivation to get out and be active lessened to the point his mom was very concerned and reached out to us.

Together, we are pursuing Michael to reengage with a community of people who cares deeply about him. We know going on an adventure trip will be life-transforming for Michael. However, without scholarship funds, he cannot afford to go.
I am writing today to ask you to help Michael find hope in Jesus by providing scholarship monies so that he can attend a Youth Dynamics adventure trip this summer.

Every scholarship dollar counts towards removing the financial barrier to getting teens like Michael out into God’s creation. Adventure experiences, such as whitewater rafting and kayaking, rock climbing and mountaineering, hiking and backpacking, offer life-changing benefits to teens. These include:

  • Youth are undistracted by their phones and social media, providing much-needed mental space to hear about Jesus in the beauty of creation.
  • Youth are drawn out of their comfort zone and learn what it means to trust others and trust God.
    Youth learn invaluable skills and lessons that will last a lifetime.
  • Teens like Michael are searching to find hope in a very confusing world to them right now. Teens are in desperate need of a life-altering experience found through a Youth Dynamics adventure trip this summer.

You can help teens like Michael by donating to the Adventure Scholarship Fund just in time for summer adventures.

Will you please make a meaningful gift today to help meet this goal?

Your donation is urgently needed so that teens can go on an adventure.

Your gift today will provide much-needed scholarship funds, so teens like Michael don’t have a barrier to experience God and His creation!

In His Grip,

Tom Davis

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