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Brittany Parker

Intern, Moses Lake

Hey, I’m Brittany!

Before I came to know Jesus, I struggled with negative behavior at school that got me into trouble. Once, I got written up twice in a half hour! I remember spending days in detention, or what my school called detachment. However, this was still better than being at home with my parents. I didn’t know what to do differently, and I just gave up by the time I was in high school. I didn’t care anymore and could not see a reason to improve.

When I entered High school, I knew a girl who was attending Youth Dynamics. She was helping out the area director by handing out flyers at school for a winter retreat called Hotdoggin’. I decided to go because they had Mt. Dew! During the worship time at the Plain Community Church, I realized that I needed help and that Jesus was my answer.

When I returned home from Hotdoggin’, I attended a girls’ bible study and asked to talk to two youth leaders. I asked them to help me give my life to Jesus Christ.

I have continued to stay involved with Youth Dynamics as a student, then as a volunteer. I am now looking to join the team as an intern! I look forward to stepping into new ways to serve youth and Christ.

Contact Info

(509) 771-7403