Norm Schurdell

Norm Schurdell

Marketing Director, Idaho

About Norm Schurdell

I have been many things to many people so that I might win a few (as the Apostle Paul might be paraphrased). I started a serious relationship with Jesus when I was in middle school, and in a big way, I feel that is why I have always been drawn to Middle School and High School ministry.

I absolutely love having fun, playing games, going on adventures, laughing, being goofy, and just plain enjoy being with Jesus and others in all of the amazing landscapes of creation He has given us to enjoy.

I got very serious about my faith in high school at a summer camp when the speaker challenged us to live “The Great Adventure” and ever since then have been serving in ministry in some capacity all over the world. I’ve traveled to nearly 20 countries, earned my degrees (Engineering, Graphics, Ministry), was a youth/discipleship pastor for nearly 10 years, have an awesome family (a wife and 3 kids), gleaned from over 30+ years of professional industry experience and pioneered the first-ever Digital Marketing Conference in Malawi, Africa.

I am beyond stoked that God has called me to bring all of this “preparation” to the family at Youth Dynamics to see the ministry grow exponentially!

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