Todd Welch

Todd Welch

About Todd Welch

Todd recently transitioned out of employment at Youth Dynamics effective September 1, 2020, and moved to South Dakota, where he accepted a teaching position. While we are sad to see Todd move, we are excited for him and his family.

We have asked Todd to pray about starting a ministry in the Woonsocket, South Dakota area as a Youth Dynamics’ teacher-staff, and Todd is excited to do so. He will be taking now until the end of the year to pray and discern if God is calling him and Youth Dynamics to reach students here. Please pray with us!

Should you choose to support Todd, your donation will stay in his reserve account until the first of the year. We will then evaluate where his family is regarding starting Youth Dynamics in South Dakota. If the ministry moves forward, Todd’s reserve will be used as start-up funds for ministry operations and salary support. If the ministry does not move forward, reserve funds will be transferred to support Moses Lake Youth Dynamics where he served on staff for over five years.

Todd and his wife, Hannah, have been married for 23 years and have three great kids.

Will you pray about joining their team in support?

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