Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

to invite and challenge youth to a lifelong journey in relationship with Christ and His church.

As we fulfill our mission, our goal is to see Northwest youth transformed by the power of Christ, integrated into the local church, and impacting their world for Him.

Our Core Values

  • Youth: We believe that reaching young people is strategic to impacting the world for Christ.
  • Relationships: We believe in going beyond programs and investing our lives in relationships with teens.
  • Adventure-based experiences: We believe that taking teens beyond their comfort zone and utilizing God’s creation creates powerful opportunities for community building and spiritual growth.
  • The local church: We believe that the local church is the place of lifelong growth and maturity for believers.
  • Spiritual vitality: We believe that spiritual health is critical to our success and longevity.
  • Staff care: We believe that caring for our staff is critical to our growth and effectiveness.

Our Internal Commitments

  • We commit to treating each other with honor and respect.
  • We commit to authentic relationships and healthy conflict resolution.
  • We commit to being accountable to one another, regardless of position.
  • We commit to professionalism and excellence.
  • We commit to utilizing each person’s unique gifts and abilities.

Our External Commitments

  • We commit to pursuing relationships with teens in a way that is authentic and culturally relevant.
  • We commit to respecting donor relationships and to being wise stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
  • We commit to strategic partnering with churches, schools and other organizations that are strategic to our mission.
  • We commit to providing a healthy and protective environment for teens.