Youth Dynamics Salmon River

The Salmon River Adventure Base, located in Grangeville, Idaho, is the hub of a new region for Youth Dynamics, reaching out to students throughout western central Idaho. We provide 1-7 day trips on the Lower Salmon River. This base will provide logistical support for all our ministries Salmon trips and lodging for out of state participants in the near future. It’s just 20 minutes from the Salmon River launch site in White Bird, Idaho.

Rafting and kayaking are foundational to the Youth Dynamics Adventures program. The river provides a dynamic and beautiful environment for incredible conversations! Whatever river experience you choose, you will receive a professionally guided, fun, and meaningful experience for your group!

Salmon River

Spend 6 days in the Basalt Canyonlands of the Salmon River, famous for being the “longest free-flowing river system in the lower 48″. Your group will experience the freedom and fun of beautiful white sand beaches and roller coaster rapids. Great meals and evening discussions help to tie together the memories that will last a lifetime! We are fortunate to offer such a rich and full experience to those who chose this adventure.

Surrounded by nothing but canyon walls and the sky overhead, your group will experience an adventure that will provide space for fantastic conversations and spiritual growth.

This trip is offered by both Washington and Idaho Adventures on the same section of the river.

  • Age: 11+
  • Season: July – August
  • Length: 5 nights, 6 days
  • Group Size: 10-20 people
  • Cost: varies

Upcoming Trips

  • Salmon River Trip hosted by Paul Spence – July 25-30, 2024. Click here to reserve your spot!
  • Salmon River Trip hosted by Tom Davis – August 4-9, 2024. Click here to reserve your spot!

How does rafting impact my group?

Rafting is fun for almost everyone and is a great equalizer for a group, as expertise and physical abilities have little to do with an individual’s ability to enjoy the adventure. Rafting allows you to become part of an adventure where you go at the pace of creation. Trained guides use the raft and river to help the group settle into a rhythm—the unknown journey helps draw people together. Thoughts and conversations that are difficult to achieve in other places can come more naturally on the water.

What if someone in the group is not able to swim?

Being a swimmer, even a good swimmer, is of course beneficial for confidence if nothing else, but it is not a prerequisite. Paddlers will be required to wear a Personal Flotation Device at all times on all rivers. Helmets are also available, recommended, and even required on some river sections. You have the right by law to wear a helmet when rafting class three whitewater and above, and they will be made available to you.

What am I responsible to bring?

It is recommended that paddlers bring appropriate swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and sandals or river shoes that will not fall off. Depending on the season, you may also want to bring a thin insulation layer while on the water and dry clothes to put on once you are off the river (see Packing List)

Youth Dynamics will provide capable and experienced guides familiar with the sections of the rivers. We will provide equipment that is well maintained and necessary for rafting in whitewater. We provide Personal Floatation Devices, wetsuits, booties, and splash jackets needed to deal with the climate and water temperatures.

Is the water cold?

Water temperatures vary on all rivers. Typically, the earlier in the summer you go, the cooler the water temps will be. Since most of our trips on the Salmon are run in July and August, the water temperatures are on the warmer side. Trips in the first half of July will have refreshing water temperatures but are still fine for swimming. By mid-July, the river will be perfect for swimming. Your trip leader will tell you at each campsite when life jackets are required for swimming.

Does the water level affect the ability to run a trip?

All water levels are great on the Lower Salmon for different reasons. Most trips are run with water levels below 20,000 Cubic Feet Per Second (CFS) for safety reasons in Blue Canyon, about 50 miles downstream. These trips start around the first or second week of July. Trips desiring to start earlier are possible down to the entrance of Blue Canyon, where we would then transition to a jet boat to transport us back upriver to the launch site.

What do I have to do during the trip?

You only need to be ready to step into the adventure and actively participate with your group and guide team.

How do shuttles work?

Shuttle arrangements vary for each group depending on size and river section run. Our staff will work with you prior to the trip to determine the best shuttle option.

Our staff will equip and provide the essentials for your experience (e.g. gear, food, equipment, training, insurance) and will work with your group leader for programming and other logistical needs. In addition, our staff will provide the technical and professional skills needed to provide a safe and life-changing adventure.

Our goal is to assist you in providing a memorable experience for your group that has the opportunity to be life-transforming. Whether you are trying to create unity in your church youth group or build community in your school, group home, or youth-related organization—we are with you!Lets Adventure Together! (1)

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