Custom Adventure Combo

Variety is the spice of life! The most memorable adventure for you might be one with several different types of adventure combined into one. Idaho offers several different terrains. We love all of our sites, and are excited to have you explore them with us!

Rope, Rock, Raft

A three-day Rope, Rock, Raft provides activities that build on each other. We will start with a low ropes course. This offers challenges that will help the group build trust and grow in relationships with each other. On day two we move into rock climbing. Participants will work on trusting the rope and their belayer while learning rock climbing skills. They will also be encouraged to cheer each other on as their peers move through challenges. On day three the group will get a chance to work as a team as they power their boat down the river and through some class III rapids. These experiences offer fantastic opportunities to grow and challenge fears. This trip will also offer ways for participants to experience their faith in new ways.

  • Age: 11+
  • Season: April – September
  • Length: 3+ days
  • Group Size: 8+
  • Cost: varies

Where do we camp and what does it look like?

Our primary camping location is located in Smiths Ferry, ID. It is located on private property which lends itself to a quieter experience. We use large group tents that can accommodate 20-25 people. Groups will be split into boys and girls tents. We do all the cooking and meals are enjoyed together as a group. Bathroom facilities include outhouses and running water but no showers. If there are items you need off the packing list, please communicate that to our staff and we will accommodate you.

What do we do when we are not on the water or rock?

We strongly believe that our staff engagement doesn’t end when we are off the rock or out of the water. Mornings and evenings in camp are critical parts of the trip. Our staff will work with you to make a plan for these ‘downtimes’. Mornings generally consist of a quiet time and hot drinks followed by breakfast and an overview of the day. Evenings include relaxed storytelling, group games, and purposeful space for genuine sharing. Other options include swimming, snacks, naps, and field time.

How does transportation work?

Transportation arrangements vary for each group depending on size and activity. Our staff will work with you before the trip to determine the best transportation options.

Our staff will equip and provide the essentials for your experience (e.g. gear, food, equipment, training, insurance) and will work with your group leader for programming and other logistical needs. In addition, our staff will provide the technical and professional skills needed to provide a safe and life-changing adventure.

Our goal is to assist you in providing a memorable experience for your group that has the opportunity to be life-transforming. Whether you are trying to create unity in your church youth group or build community in your school, group home, or youth-related organization—we are with you!

Let’s adventure together!

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