Team Building and Challenge Course

We bring the challenge to your front door and will walk your team through the puzzles and activities customized to fit the desired goals and outcomes for your group. Through a series of physical, social, and mental challenges, your team will work together to break through norms and perceived limitations that could be holding them back. A cohesive team is a powerful asset. Whether a sports team, workgroup, or social group, a strong team is waiting to be discovered.

Portable Elements

We bring the team-building games and initiatives of low ropes and challenge courses to your favorite spot. Program plans will be customized to fit the goals and abilities of your group. Our fun, group bonding initiatives will challenge participants to step outside their comfort zone and work together to solve problems. Popular themes to discuss throughout the day are trust, teamwork, balance, communication, problem-solving, and spiritual growth.

  • Age: 11+ 
  • Season: all year
  • Length: 2 & 4 hour, full-day
  • Group Size: 10 – 50
  • Cost: $10 – $35 per person

Where do we do the challenge course?

Staff will work with you to decide where to hold the event. Due to the nature of a low ropes course, we can facilitate an event almost anywhere, even indoors.

What is a low ropes challenge course?

Low ropes challenge course uses games, activities, and challenges to give participants a chance to both follow and lead their peers and learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, self, and much more. Unlike a high ropes course, all activities are done at ground level or no more than three feet off the ground. Youth Dynamics facilitators lay the groundwork for each activity and then take time to debrief, understand and apply the lessons learned.

Is it fun even though I’m not high off the ground?

Oh yeah! Facilitators put a lot of energy into helping your group stay engaged and fun is a major tool. Even though the activities happen at ground level, the challenge and problem-solving components are very much present.

Our staff will equip and provide the essentials for your experience (e.g. gear, food, equipment, training, insurance) and will work with your group leader for programming and other logistical needs. In addition, our staff will provide the technical and professional skills needed to provide a safe and life-changing adventure.

Our goal is to assist you in providing a memorable experience for your group that has the opportunity to be life-transforming. Whether you are trying to create unity in your church youth group or build community in your school, group home, or youth-related organization—we are with you!

Let’s adventure together!

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