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Intern, Stilly Valley

Grace Higginbotham Intern, Stilly Valley About Grace Higginbotham Contact Info 360-333-1119 Support Grace Higginbotham! Grace Higginbotham Close

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Intern, Horseshoe Bend

Amethyst Ackerman Intern, Horseshoe Bend About Amethyst Ackerman Growing up amidst the evergreens and constant rain of the PNW, southwest Washington was home. I was blessed to be in an area so close to many of my favorite things including hiking trails, ski slopes, quaint beach towns, and concerts in the city. After a year…

Deborh Oja

Intern, Stonewater

Deborah Oja Intern, Stonewater About Deborah Oja I grew up in Ellensburg WA on a small farm. I have always loved being outdoors and I have been given many opportunities to enjoy God’s beautiful creation through backpacking, mountain climbing, and trail riding. Although I was born in a Christian home, I only started getting serious…

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Intern, Stonewater

Levi Williams Intern, Stonewater About Levi Williams I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, with two younger brothers and parents who introduced us to Christ and rock climbing, both at a young age. Coming into my Junior year of high school, I was a state champion pole vaulter and national level climber, planning to ride that…

Mackenzie Ward

Intern, Stonewater

Mackenzie Ward Intern, Stonewater About Mackenzie Ward I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin in a family who loved camping, hiking, and spending time together outdoors. I went to bible camp each summer and knew about God but, in the past couple of years I fell in love Jesus and getting to share…