Internship Opportunties

If you are unsure if a permanent ministry position is for you or if you are looking for a short-term missionary experience, an internship through Youth Dynamics might just be the opportunity for you.

There are a variety of internship opportunities in terms of length and placement, as well as paid and unpaid.

Youth Dynamics has many internship opportunities that vary in length from three to twelve months. For a paid position, Youth Dynamics operates within a ‘missionary-model’ style of funding which means all missionaries raise their own personal support. Paid interns must have a willingness and ability to personally raise support for salary and any ministry expenses for the term of the internship.

All areas within Youth Dynamics accept interns. In addition, Youth Dynamics can accommodate an internship to meet a college academic requirement.

“I left my summer experience more in love with Jesus than when I came. This experience not only helped me earn a school credit, but it also opened up my eyes to what full-time ministry might look like.”

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Human Resources Team.

To Apply:

Complete the online job application and reference forms.