Life and Leadership Training Internship


The 6-week Life and Leadership Training (LLT) is an opportunity for young adults to work closely with stateside missionaries who use wilderness adventures to share the love of Christ.

During the six-week internship, students will experience and engage in discipleship, adventure, service projects, challenges, and leadership opportunities. Some of the adventures students may experience include inflatable kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, backpacking, hiking, challenge course, and mountaineering.

This highly relational and discipleship-based program emphasizes individual and group exploration of culturally relevant topics and present experiences. Throughout their time at the base, staff will provide quality guidance and support towards these processes:

Build character, communication, and bonded community.
Develop a solid faith foundation, Christian worldview, and values.
Provide life skills, leadership training, and wilderness adventures.
Cultivate a heart of service and mentoring mindset.
Advance with vocation and personal mission clarity.

Our heart is to see each student leave with a deeper relationship with God, a vision for their future, and confidence in their leadership!

  • Age: Juniors and Seniors in High school
  • Season: July 1 – August 11
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Group Size: 2 – 6 people at each base
  • Cost: $2,100 per person (scholarships available)

To Apply:

Complete the online job application and reference forms.

Applicants must have two references that meet the following criteria:

  • References must not be family members
  • One reference must be unaffiliated with Youth Dynamics
  • One reference must have known them for at least two years prior to applying to the program

“I learned what the name Creator really means, how it applies to God…(and) How God has planted me in each and every place for a specific reason.”— Former Participant