Stonewater Mustangs

Stonewater Mustangs

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Goal: $30,000

Amount Raised: $13,381

Youth Dynamics Stonewater Ranch is a 501(c)-3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Program Objectives

Stonewater Mustangs Wild Hearts needs your help introducing a new concept to horse adventure and youth outreach ministry. It is our desire to share Christ with Northwest teens through the unique and powerful tool of building an all Mustang herd of trail horses. Pairing youth and Mustangs creates a dynamic relationship where both parties can learn, grow, and thrive as successful members of their respective communities.

“In the horse program working with the horses help to give students an outlet to use their voice that has so often been taken away by the elements of society.” ~Ministry Student

It is the goal of this Stonewater Mustang ministry to strengthen the existing Stonewater ministry model through additional community ministry, professional development, and program longevity. All while caring for God’s amazing creation, the American Mustang.

To bring BLM Mustangs on site, Stonewater Mustangs must raise $30,000 in starting capital for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved facility renovations, Mustang adoption and care expenses. We will be adding to the stall capacity of the barn, building mustang-safe fencing around the barnyard, and re-configuring our round pen & training facility. To see a full PDF of our program outline and budget, click here.

Organization History

Stonewater Ranch is Youth Dynamics 158-acre camp near Leavenworth, Wash. Youth Dynamics mission is to invite and challenge youth to a lifelong journey in relationship with Christ and His Church. Stonewater Ranch fulfills this mission through adventure trips, leadership development, and retreat ministries.

Founded in 1970, Youth Dynamics is a 501(c)-3 non-profit Christian youth organization striving to share the story of Christ with today’s teens through dynamic relationships and challenging experiences. Visit YD’s website here.

YD’s Horse Adventures ministry began in 1997, as the idea of Program Director Ken Solem. Horses are a natural barrier-breaker for youth, as well as being excellent mirrors to see oneself through. These qualities are the heart behind having horses as a part of our adventure ministries. Students open their hearts to horses. We allow the horses to illustrate components of faith, love, and trust, and communicate life parallels with the students.

The Mustangs

BLM Mustangs have extreme intelligence, instinct and loyalty. Overpopulation of Mustangs on rangeland is detrimentally affecting the environment and all species that live on the range. Holding facilities are full. Horses need homes. Stonewater Mustangs vision provides an avenue for more Mustangs to be placed into private care, improves rangeland health, the Mustang’s quality of life, and proves the Mustang’s suitability a companion and pleasure horse.

To learn more about BLM Mustang Management, visit:

Horses born in the wild have pure instincts & require those working with them to earn a place of respect, partnership, and finally trust, with them. It is these qualities that set Mustangs apart as strong ministry teammates. The parallels of how a trainer approaches a wild horse and how God approaches us are infinite. Through being given a purpose, and a choice, Mustangs can become the mirror through which humans see their own relationship with Christ.

“Wild Hearts has brought me closer to horses, and made me realize I need to not move so fast. It’s helped me understand God more and now I know more about the Bible.” ~WH student

See how Mustangs can be used as excellent trail horses, and why we believe so strongly in their suitability to this ministry here.

The Youth

Stonewater Mustang Wild Hearts reaches youth within the Central Washington area through on-going, year-round discipleship. Youth from around the Northwest attend spring, summer and autumn horse adventure camps. These youth come from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic status.

It has been asked if we plan to work with troubled youth. The answer is, youth in America today are troubled. Mustangs in America today are troubled. But we have an opportunity to help. Youth have many of the same questions horses ask throughout their training. Does anyone really care? What is my purpose? How do I keep myself safe? Where do I belong? Working with horses & sharing the love of Christ, we can offer answers to their questions.

“It helps to give me a space in which I can let everything I have been holding in go. I don’t have to be scared that a horse is going to judge me or use my words against me, yet the horse can still respond emotionally to comfort me if needed” ~ Ministry Student

Through the process of learning from — and then teaching – formerly wild BLM Mustangs, youth will have the opportunity to discover their inner selves, gain self-discipline, and learn the importance and value of yielding daily to God’s control in their lives — just as the horses must learn to yield themselves to their human’s control.