Aaron Bevier

Area Director, Tonasket

About Aaron Bevier


Howdy! My name is Aaron Bevier and I am the new YD Area Director for Tonasket, Washington. God has placed it on our hearts to serve with youth here in North Central Washington near the Canadian Border. My wife, Leann, and I met at Multnomah University in 2003. Since then, we have been serving full-time for over 20 years with youth and families in local church and Bible Camp ministry as a camp director. More recently, I have been working as a roving substitute teacher in our local school district. We are simply disciples of Jesus (Matt. 22:34-40), making disciples of Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20). Being light to kids while sharing the hope of Christ is at the forefront of all that we do.

We love kids! Our own children, Henry and Lucy, are our biggest reasons for continuing on in youth ministry. Moreover, we have a vision-driven passion for working with youth in a relational setting. Our vision is to help build transformed generations of youth to become God-honoring adults who live and walk by faith. In turn, they will help build the Kingdom of God and shape the future of our communities here in NCW. Let’s adventure together!

Contact Info

(509) 322-1581