Jchidister 800 2020

James Chidister

Program Manager, Idaho


After hearing about Youth Dynamics (YD) at the Urbana conference in 2012, I was inspired to take a second look. My senior year in college at the University of Northern Iowa required me to find an internship germane to my course path so as a Leisure, Youth, and Human Services major with a focus on outdoor recreation, youth development, and program management, Youth Dynamics seemed like a perfect fit.

My wife, Katie, and I moved to Idaho in 2015 to start work with Adventures through an 18 month internship and we have been here ever since. The combination of adventure based activities and long-term relationships is what I feel makes Youth Dynamics unique. It is one of the main reasons an 18 month internship led me to pursue full-time employment in my current position. I am excited to see how God continues to grow Adventures Idaho and me as I learn more each day about my place in His Kingdom.

Contact Info

(208) 793-3788