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Levi Williams

Intern, Stonewater

About Levi Williams

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, with two younger brothers and parents who introduced us to Christ and rock climbing, both at a young age. Coming into my Junior year of high school, I was a state champion pole vaulter and national level climber, planning to ride that momentum into college. But God had other plans. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I lost the sports and school environments in which I had put so much of my value. God used those losses to get a better hold of my heart and refocus my eyes on Him rather than my fleeting success. He continued opening doors and guiding my steps until I connected with Stonewater. This ministry beautifully fits my passion for Christ and the talents God has given me together. I’m excited to build into the lives of youth and young adults, and I pray that God will work through me to refocus more eyes and hearts than just my own!

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