Leadership Development

What does it mean to be an authentic leader, a leader with integrity?

The pursuit of leadership is a journey often hindered by challenging obstacles and times of self-doubt. It is a journey of the heart, mind, and spirit; a path that few choose to take. Do not be fooled. Leadership is a difficult calling.

Stonewater has several leadership development programs for a variety of age groups. Please join us on this fantastic journey.

Leadership Pursuits

The Leadership Pursuits program places participants in a tremendously dynamic environment; one that can change rapidly as many tests of character are encountered daily. Adventure activities are utilized as both the tool and laboratory to explore and discover the deeper truths about what it means to be an effective and godly leader. Combined with study and reflection, the activities become the tutor. The participant becomes the apprentice.

Program leaders are gifted in their abilities to facilitate learning and nurture the discovery and development of participants’ hidden strengths. They are also able to surface weaknesses and limitations. Program staff provides insight and accountability throughout the program. They are highly trained outdoor professionals who have many years of experience in managing all the risks associated with adventure-based activities.

While all of our trips have aspects of leadership development, Stonewater Ranch offers trips and programs that are designed specifically for students who would like to be challenged as they take the next steps towards becoming strong leaders.

This is a great program to build experience for the next level of leadership development: Life and Leadership Training.

Life and Leadership Training

The Life & Leadership Training is an opportunity for young adults to work closely with stateside missionaries who use wilderness adventures to share the love of Christ. This is a highly relational and discipleship based program, emphasizing individual and group exploration of culturally relevant topics and present experiences.

This is a great program to build experience for the next level of leadership development: Summer Staff

Summer Staff

Each summer Youth Dynamics Adventures hires a select number of talented young adults from all over the world to lead adventure trips for teens in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Summer Staff is trained to use a powerful adventure-based ministry model to share Christ with teens and deepen their understanding of God.

As a member of the Summer Staff team, you will guide teens on a variety of wilderness activities, including whitewater rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, challenge courses, horseback riding, kayaking, and more. You will work alongside staff and design the ministry program for each trip and assist in the preparations and logistical operations of the trips. As you serve others, you will also be challenged in your own faith as you work in Christian service with a team of believers and experience your own “edge” moments.