Adv Combo

Custom Adventure Combo

As you’ve likely noticed, since you’re on our website, we do lots of different types of trips. We run some of the most beautiful rivers in the Pacific NW, climb some of the most epic rocks, hike from stunning vista to lush meadow and all the while challenge pre-conceived notions and provide opportunity for relationship-building dialog. We are here to work with groups to put together trips that best fit their needs, because at the end of the day what we really want to see is stronger relationships, and a group of people who were challenged to know God, and each other, better.

A Custom Adventure Combo is a real life choose-your-adventure. Customize a 2 or more day trip using the elements that Adventures facilitates. You even have an option to include a service project! Activities available vary by location.

Type: Combo Trip (Rope, Rock, Raft…)

Location: Adventures Idaho, Adventures Oregon, Adventures Washington

Length: Combo (2-4 days), Extended (5-10+ days)

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Group Size: 10 - 50