Inflatable Kayak 2020

Inflatable Kayaking (IK)

If your students like to find themselves in the driver seat, then how about spending the day in an inflatable kayak! Just like a single-person raft, inflatable kayaks are highly maneuverable and exceptionally exciting to navigate. Plus, they present an opportunity for individualized challenge, inviting youth to experience personal victories – and failures – while encouraging others, and recognizing the Lord as their source of strength.

Whether you book a trip in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, all trips are available at a variety of skill levels, from glorified lounging to rip-roaring!


Details coming soon!


In Oregon, we run selected sections of various rivers, such as the Deschutes and Clackamas, and can locate one that fits your group. Come get in the water with us!


Details coming soon!

Type: River, Inflatable Kayaking

Location: Adventures Idaho, Adventures Washington, Adventures Oregon

Length: Combo (2-4 days), Extended (5-10+ days), Single Day

Season: Spring, Summer