Leadership Pursuit

Leadership Pursuits

Identity – Adventure – Vision

During the course of 12 days, from August 1-12, students spend time with our staff walking through life stories, values, and team building activities to help each person understand where their identity lies and how to work well with a team. Students are then challenged through the use of outdoor adventures such as backpacking, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, mountaineering, and horsemanship. Not only will these adventures create lifelong memories but they will also provide a place for each young leader to process their life and practice leading. Our hope is that each student will come away with a better understanding of their Heavenly Father and vision for their future.

The applications from students who are attending each year help shape the course area, activities, and conversations during the 12 days. This program is designed for students ages 16-19. Upon arrival, this program will speak directly into their current life situations—whether a student has never heard about Jesus, grew up in the church, or was raised by missionary parents doesn’t matter to us. We just want to take them on a grand adventure to show them that knowing their identity, experiencing adventures, and codifying vision for their future can be the first steps of great leadership!

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Type: Leadership Development

Location: Adventures Washington

Length: 12 Days

Season: Summer

Features: Leadership Focus

Group Size: 6 - 9