Kyla Mitcham

Kyla Mitcham

Ministry Experience Intern

About Kyla

I have been a Christian all my life, but my faith faced its greatest test during my youth. In those years, I felt the most distant from God, not truly understanding what it meant to be comforted and healed by Him. I grappled with loneliness and believed that I had to confront all my struggles alone. Anxiety held a firm grip on my life.

There isn’t a singular moment I can pinpoint when I decided to surrender my life to Jesus; it was a gradual process spanning several years. While growth proved challenging, I ultimately discovered enduring happiness and love by dedicating my life to God. Emerging from the challenges of my youth, I felt a calling to become involved with a Christ-centered organization. I earned my degree and promptly began searching for a faith-based organization to engage with. I had known about YD for years, and its mission, along with its methods of involving youth in the outdoors and fostering a deeper relationship with God, was precisely what I needed during my struggles.

God has been faithful and transformative in my life, and I aspire to help young people experience God’s comfort even earlier than I did when I rediscovered it.

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