Heather Amann

Heather Amann

Human Resources Director


Well hello! I’m Heather, an Oregon native who likes rain, although I’d prefer it not to flood my tent. I love to play outside, which since our daughter was born mostly involves hiking, camping, and climbing trees. Rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and sometimes SCUBA with my husband, Shawn, are much more rare these days, but as our little adventurer grows we hope to introduce her to all the things!

I met Jesus as a child, and have seen His hand many times on my life – giving direction in college, drawing me to ministry with youth at Black Forest Academy, and for years in corporate America. While looking for ways to reconnect to ministry with youth, I found Youth Dynamics. I started as a volunteer to share my love of climbing. I now serve as the Human Resources Director, hopefully making the lives of our staff easier so they have more space to serve the students who cross our paths.

I am always stoked to leave the city behind to talk about God and His creation in beautiful places!

Contact Info

(360) 757-1337