Ryan Bentley 2020

Ryan Bentley

Base Director, Idaho

About Ryan Bentley

Washington Adventure Volunteer 2001-2009

Idaho Summer Staff 2009

Idaho Program Manager 2009-2017

IdahoAdventure Director 2017-Present


I showed up to my first Youth Dynamics adventure trip pretty sure that the Christian rafters would make me use a bible as a paddle or something strange like that. However, the guides on that trip surprised me with their professionalism and humorous hospitality. I had met very few young adults passionate about both outdoor adventure and faith. The combination enthralled me and I went through the steps to become a volunteer.

In 2009, I headed out to Idaho to work with the newest branch of the ministry. I invested in several programs that aimed to combine local ongoing student ministry with adventures and longer-term internships for students. The biggest joy in my work comes from serving with former students who worked to become volunteers or summer staff.

Youth Dynamics continues to serve as a conduit for firsts in ministry as I seek to continually care for and show the love of Jesus to those I share in adventures.

Contact Info

208-793-3788 (Office)
208-954-4992 (Mobile)