Tracy Hamilton

Tracey Hamilton

Associate Horse Manager


About Tracey Hamilton

Horses are a great partner for ministry. My passion is to see students’ lives impacted by horses and transformed by Jesus.

What a unique opportunity to parallel God’s desire that we trust Him with our approach of asking these free-spirited animals to trust us. We learn about ourselves, God, and the precious relationship He seeks with us.

The program is much more than horses—it is an opportunity to experience the love of God in a fresh, adventure-filled atmosphere. I am stoked to be able to introduce students to Jesus Christ and encourage them to have a lifelong relationship with the one that won’t let them down!

Fun Facts: I have twin daughters, four brothers, I play fantasy football, coffee is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, campfires are essential and I’ve been married for 28 years to the man of my dreams… Chris!

I invite you to partner with me to challenge youth to a lifelong adventure in relationship with Christ and His Church.

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