Ken Solem

Ken Solem

Horse Program Manager


About Ken Solem

Sitting around the campfire talking about Jesus and life after a long day of riding horses, eating good food, and just plain ole having fun, is the best! Perhaps its because I gave my life to Christ around a campfire at a camp when I was ten years old. Although my camp experience didn’t involve horses, I have found that horses are a great tool to get students to camp in the first place. Once here, God uses the horse to break-down any walls or barriers that the student may have. All we have to do is be there and walk alongside them in the process.

It’s really about being available. It’s what motivates me to show up every day—knowing that God will use us if we make ourselves available. There is a lot to be done to prepare to have students come. The place you bring them has to be inviting. But you have to show up.

I have been in full-time youth ministry for 32 years. First, with our church in Burien, WA, then with Alpine Boys Ranch (former owners of Stonewater Ranch), and for the past 12 years, with Youth Dynamics. It is with Alpine Boys Ranch that I developed my passion and skill with horses. We started the program from scratch, and with God’s anointing and the help of many people, it turned into something more impactful than I could have ever expected or imagined.

My wife Sabrina and I have been married for 43 years and have lived in Plain for 35 years. We have three adult sons and three awesome grandkids.

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