2-4 Hour Horseback Rides

Spend time with your teens horseback riding at Stonewater Ranch. With miles of trails leaving right from Stonewater as well as a covered arena for inclement weather days. See God’s creation first hand. From a one day trip you can begin to think about running a week-long trip in the backcountry, where the experience only deepens! Come build trust, bonds, and memories with each other, the horses, and God!

  • Type: Horse
  • Location: YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: 1/2 Day, Single Day
  • Season: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Cost: $30 - $60
  • Group Size: 4 - 10
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Wherever you’re headed – be it Oregon’s Mt. Hood wilderness, Washington’s gorgeous Mt. Adams, or any of the other other destinations we offer – you can be sure students will walk away changed as they learn basic map and compass skills, backcountry cooking and how to camp in the wilderness using Leave No Trace principles. Beyond these learning basics, your teens will gain experience needed to be leaders and followers, and may get invited into leadership roles on the trail. Our guides will engage your crew in conversations and memorable activities to help you bond as a group and challenge students to take next steps in their growing relationships with Christ. Spend a short three days and two nights on the trail, venture out for a full week, or make it a Mountains to Missions trip combining backpacking through the mountains with missions in a neighboring city. Whatever your choice, it will be unforgettable, to say the least!

  • Type: Backpacking
  • Location: YD Adventures Oregon, YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: Combo (2-4 days)
  • Season: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Group Size: 10 -
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Custom Adventure Combo

As you’ve likely noticed, since you’re on our website, we do lots of different types of trips. We run some of the most beautiful rivers in the Pacific NW, climb some of the most epic rocks, hike from stunning vista to lush meadow and all the while challenge pre-conceived notions and provide opportunity for relationship-building dialog. We are here to work with groups to put together trips that best fit their needs, because at the end of the day what we really want to see is stronger relationships, and a group of people who were challenged to know God, and each other, better.

A Custom Adventure Combo is a real life choose-your-adventure. Customize a 2 or more day trip using the elements that YD Adventures facilitates. You even have an option to include a service project! Activities available vary by location.

  • Type: Combo Trip (Rope, Rock, Raft...)
  • Location: YD Adventures Idaho, YD Adventures Oregon, YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: Combo (2-4 days), Extended (5-10+ days)
  • Season: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Group Size: 10 - 50
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Custom-Built Challenge Course

Through the team building challenges, your group will work together, play together and hold each other up… literally! Our facilitators will guide your group in connecting their experiences in the moment to the bigger picture of their lives. YD Adventures Challenges are more than just “team-building experiences.” They enable students to discover each others’ unique gifts and abilities, helping the entire team to gain insight, make decisions, and take action! Both fixed and portable challenges are available.

  • Type: Challenge Course
  • Location: YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: 1/2 Day, Single Day
  • Season: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Cost: $30 - $65
  • Group Size: 10 - 100
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Horse Trips

Spend 5 days connecting with your teens as they spend the week relating with a four legged, very powerful, gentle, and loving horse. Teens will learn the art of caring for their horse, proper etiquette, and how to ride in the incredible backcountry of the North Cascades. You will camp near streams, wander through forest, and soak in the beauty that God has created.

If you’re not a part of a group and still want to go on a horse trip, this is your chance! We have several open-enrollment girls’ horse trips planned for this summer – both for Jr. High girls (going into 6th-8th grade) and for High School girls (going into 9-12th grade). Click below to see dates and register. For more info, contact swr@yd.org.

This year’s open enrollment trips:

  • Type: Horse
  • Location: YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: Extended (5-10+ days)
  • Season: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Cost: $320 - $370
  • Group Size: 2 - 10
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Inflatable Kayaking (IK)

If your students like to find themselves in the driver seat, then how about spending the day in an inflatable kayak! Just like a single-person raft, inflatable kayaks are highly maneuverable and exceptionally exciting to navigate. Plus, they present an opportunity for individualized challenge, inviting youth to experience personal failures and victories while encouraging others, and recognizing the Lord as their source of strength.

Trips are available at a variety of skill levels, from glorified lounging to rip-roaring!

  • Type: Inflatable Kayaking, River
  • Location: YD Adventures Idaho, YD Adventures Oregon, YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: Combo (2-4 days), Extended (5-10+ days), Single Day
  • Season: Spring, Summer
  • Group Size: -

Leadership Pursuits

Identity – Adventure – Vision

During the course of 12 Days, from August 1-12, 2019, our staff spends time walking through life stories, values, and team building activities to help each young leader understand where their identity lies and how to work well with a team. Then through the use of outdoor adventures such as backpacking, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, mountaineering and horsemanship we are able to challenge these young leaders. Not only will these adventures create lifelong memories but will also provide a place for each student to process their life and practice leading. Our hope is that each student will come away with a better understanding of their Heavenly Father and vision for their future.

We use the applications from students who are attending each year to shape the course area, activities and conversations during the 12 days. This program is designed for students ages 16-19. When students arrive they will partake in a program that will speak directly into their current life situations. Whether a student has never heard about Jesus, grew up in the church or was raised by missionary parents doesn’t matter to us. We just want to take them on a grand adventure to show them that knowing their identity, experiencing adventures and codifying vision for their future can be the first steps of great leadership!

Click here to download the Leadership Pursuit application form.

  • Type: Leadership Development
  • Location: YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: 12 Days
  • Season: Summer
  • Cost: $850
  • Group Size: 6 - 9
  • Features: leadership focus
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Life & Leadership Training

The 6 week Life & Leadership Training (LLT) program is for students that are seeking Christ, yearning for leadership, desiring to serve and experience wilderness based activities. The program runs from July 7 – August 16 and is aimed at students aged 16-19. Some of the adventures that students may experience are: Inflatable Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Backpacking, Hiking, Challenge Course, and Mountaineering. Each of the LLT students will be working shoulder to shoulder with our permanent staff, summer staff and volunteers. They will be given chances to serve and lead alongside us as we participate in ministry together.

This is a HIGHLY relational and discipleship based program. The students will be mentored one-on-one and as a group throughout their time with us. There will also be daily worship/devotion scheduled and deep discussions about faith that our staff will craft based on the students needs.

Our heart is to see each student come away from these 6 weeks with a deeper relationship with God, vision for their future, and confidence in their leadership!

To Build character, communication and bonded community.
To Develop a solid faith foundation, Christian worldview and values
To Provide life skills, leadership training and wilderness adventures.
To Cultivate a heart of service and mentoring mindset.
To Advance with vocation and personal mission clarity.

How do I get started?

1. Choose an Adventure Base (Oregon, Idaho or Washington)
2. Fill out the application!
3. Submit the application to the appropriate base.

If you have questions please contact the base you are applying for.

Oregon: jbucher@yd.org
Idaho: rbentley@yd.org
Washington: kkazen@yd.org

  • Type: Leadership Development
  • Location: YD Adventures Idaho, YD Adventures Oregon, YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: 6 Weeks
  • Season: Summer
  • Cost: $1850
  • Group Size: 4 - 6
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Unplug from society and reawaken your dreams in the legendary terrain of the North Cascades. Share an adventure in climbing one of the many glaciated peaks or volcanoes and alpine rock. Renew relational bonds and create memories that will stand as landmarks – like those mountains – for years to come. A 4½-day Mountaineering trip starts the evening before and ends late on the last day. Mountaineering is strenuous, so participants must be in good physical health and capable of carrying a loaded pack. Please call for more information and a full list of additional trip dates!

  • Type: Mountaineering
  • Location: YD Adventures Washington
  • Length: Extended (5-10+ days)
  • Season: Fall, Summer
  • Cost: $120 per day
  • Group Size: 5 - 9
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