Adventure Placeholder 2020

Salmon River

Spend 6½ days in the basalt canyonlands of the Salmon River, famous for being the “longest free-flowing river in the lower 48″. Your youth group will experience the freedom and fun of white sand beaches and roller coaster rapids. Great meals and evening discussions help to tie together the memories that will last a lifetime!…

Extended Inflatable Kayak Trip

Extended Inflatable Kayak Trip

Experience the thrill of tackling Class III rapids in your own inflatable kayak! Spend 3 to 4 days kayaking on the Lower Deschutes River, camping under the stars and enjoying a thrilling adventure! Nuff said? (did we mention we feed you?)

Clackamas 2

Clackamas River

Only a short hour’s drive outside of the Portland metro area lies a true jewel of the Northwest, the Upper Clackamas river. This permitted section of whitewater within Mt Hood National Forests Wild and Scenic area hides some of the biggest waves in Oregon. Your students will enjoy a thrilling day together as they rocket…

Inflatable Kayaking (IK)

Middle Owyhee Kayaking Trip

Step it up and spend 5 days in the pristine canyons of the Middle Owyhee. Experience the challenge of more difficult rapids as you paddle a truly undiscovered treasure of the Northwest. This trip can be more physically demanding than the Lower and is suitable for ages 16+.

Inflatable Kayaking (IK)

Lower Owyhee Kayaking Trip

Spend 6-7 days kayaking 50 miles of Class III rapids through the incredible painted canyons of the Lower Owyhee River, and have the place all to yourself. With beautiful scenery, swift rapids, amazing slot canyons, rustler’s ruins and Native American petroglyphs, the Lower Owyhee is one of the most diverse and inspiring sections of the…

Inflatable Kayak 2020

Inflatable Kayaking (IK)

If your students like to find themselves in the driver seat, then how about spending the day in an inflatable kayak! Just like a single-person raft, inflatable kayaks are highly maneuverable and exceptionally exciting to navigate. Plus, they present an opportunity for individualized challenge, inviting youth to experience personal victories – and failures – while…