Don’t act thoughtlessly, but find out what the Lord wants you to do.” Eph. 5:17

Dear Friends and Supporters of Youth Dynamics,Youth Dynamics - Let's Adventure Together

Since beginning my tenure as president in 2017, I have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing our organization’s history, effectiveness, and how we communicate who we are and what we do best. It is quite remarkable how Youth Dynamics has grown during our 50-year history. We started as a rural campus ministry in 1970, added wilderness ministry later that decade (now called adventure ministry), added an emphasis to serve youth-at-risk, an adventure base in Portland in the 1980s, Stonewater Ranch in 2005, and an adventure base in the Boise area in 2006.

However, while exciting, this growth has led to confusion as to who we are and what we do best. Are we still a rural campus ministry? Are we an adventure ministry? Or, are we the ministry that serves youth-at-risk? Yes, we are all three of these, but we are also much more. We serve more than rural communities: our ministry in North Portland, for example, is far from rural. We do more than adventures. We have relational programs that do not directly involve adventures, such as small groups, weekly outreach events, etc. We endeavor to serve all young people, not only those considered at-risk.

These factors are what led to a decision to rebrand Youth Dynamics. Our goal is to clarify who we are and what we do best. It enables us to be more effective, unified, and ultimately reach more youth with the amazing news of Jesus Christ. Rebranding has been a prayerful, thoughtful, and methodical process with input from our board of directors, staff, donors, consultants, and other ministry leaders. Our brand is updated, but our organizational objectives are the same: to reach unchurched youth and to assist local churches and other youth ministries to carry out effective ministries of youth evangelism and discipleship through adventure ministry. I am excited to share our updated brand with you.

Brand Essence

  1. The heart of our brand: Discover. Everything we do at Youth Dynamics is underscored by the word “Discover.” Discover your life in Christ, authentic relationships, who you are, whose you are, your purpose, adventure ministry and all it offers, what you are made of, life skills, leadership qualities, and so much more!
  2. Brand Commitment. Our brand commitment is to help youth discover life in Christ. We also desire to help our donors and partners discover a deeper life in Christ.
  3. Brand Category. Youth Dynamics is a Relational Adventure Youth Ministry. We help youth discover life in Christ through our caring support, professional adventure guides and staff, challenging wilderness experiences, and intentionality to share Christ.
  4. Brand Conveyers. Check out our new logo! This fresh logo reflects our updated brand. It is geometric, refined, relevant, and adventurous. We like it and hope you do as well!
  5. Tagline. Let’s Adventure Together. We chose this because it is invitational, inspirational, and represents our passion for doing life together with students and supporters, and reflects all of our ministries. 

It truly is an exciting time to be a part of Youth Dynamics. I want to personally thank you for your continuing investment in the ministry. It makes all the difference, and I thank God for your partnership in the gospel (Philippians 1:3-4). Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Warmly in Christ,

Tom Davis, President

Youth Dynamics