The Chalet Renovation Project

This fall, the Chalet, one of the main buildings that shelters teens and other guests of Stonewater, is getting a new roof for much-needed weatherproofing and a new deck for safety reasons. Adding to the scope of work are updated lighting, bathroom functionality, and new flooring.

I am writing today to ask you to give now and generously towards the Chalet project. The budget is set and we are only halfway to our goal of $175,000 – we still have $87,500 to raise by September 30, 2022.

This fall is the best window for us to shut the Chalet down to complete these major projects before winter.
This renovation cannot wait, and here is why:

  1. The current roof is failing and showing signs of leaking, putting at risk the rafters, insulation, and interior ceiling. To prevent damage to the Chalet, replacing the roof before winter is essential. A new roof will ensure that teens and other guests can stay and experience all God has to offer at Stonewater.
  2. The deck structure is aging and risking structural integrity. The new design will facilitate small group gatherings and increases the function of the main gathering space of the Chalet. Although we appreciate the price of lumber is coming down, we could not predict the increased price of lumber and this project cannot wait.
  3. Reconfiguring and adding to the bathrooms will increase the likelihood that teens will actually shower during their stay as well as make the experience of staying at the Chalet much more pleasant.
  4. Taking advantage of the Chalet being closed down will help to address the outdated lighting fixtures and replace the well-worn flooring.

The time is set to make much-needed updates to the Chalet before next winter. These renovations are needed and the time is now.

Our goal is to raise $175,000 by September 30, 2022. Will you please make a meaningful gift today to help meet this goal?

Please fill out the enclosed response form and send it in today! Your donation is urgently needed so that teens and other guests can stay and experience all God has to offer at Stonewater.

Your gift today will make a meaningful impact on the ministry that happens at Stonewater!

In His Grip,

Greg Johnson

Stonewater Director

Chalet - Before and Proposed
Chalet Drawing 2020
The Chalet

Updating the Chalet

  • New facade (Northwest theme)
  • New roof and raised cathedral ceiling
  • New commercial kitchen
  • New flooring throughout
  • New paint
  • Updated bathrooms
  • New lighting
  • New deck off the front
  • New entryway
  • Updating current bedrooms
  • New landscaping
  • New/updated furnishings and fixtures
  • and so much more!

Donate towards the Chalet Renovation and Expansion Project!

Funds raised above the goal amount will be used for other phases and projects around Stonewater. Thank you so much for your support!

The Vision for Stonewater

Stages and Phases

As Stonewater is an active adventure and retreat center, the updates and renovation projects are designed to be completed as funding is secured and priorities are established. The phases listed below are subject to change, however, the vision to have appropriate facilities and guest spaces to further the mission of Youth Dynamics is consistent.

Phase One: Completed

This phase began when Youth Dynamics acquired the property in 2005. In this phase, the goal is to address delayed maintenance areas/projects and add key infrastructure for ministry use. Projects in this phase include:

  • Waster System – Repair
  • Adventure Center – New
  • Maintenance Shop – New
  • Challenge Course – New
  • Septic System – Upgrade
  • Campground – Improvements
  • Recreation Center – Renovation
  • Driveway – Improvement
  • Barn – Updates
  • Duplex – Renovation
  • Misc: Reroof office, landscaping, utility installation

Phase Two: current

  • Chalet – Renovation and expansion

Phase Three: future

  • Water System – New
  • 3 Guest Cabin – New
  • Lodge – Safety Improvements
  • 2 Vault Toilets – New
  • Road Development – New
  • Site Development
  • Recreation Center – Addition
  • 7 RV sites – New
  • Bathhouse – New

Phase Four: future

  • 4 Guest Cabins – New
  • 3 Staff Cabins – New
  • Intern House – New

Phase Five: future

  • Stonewater Lodge – New

Other ways to contribute:

In-kind donations and volunteer work parties can assist the completion of several of these projects. If you have a particular skill-set you want to offer, please let us know.

We are gathering a list of materials and have a price list forming as we enter each phase. Please inquire if you have access to materials that can either be donated by businesses or purchased at wholesale prices.

Stonewater Ranch