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Kayleigh Steiner

Area Staff, Anacortes

About Kayleigh Steiner

I became a Christian on January 1st, 2019, when I was 17. I had grown up in Utah as a Mormon until my experience of meeting Jesus.

In September of 2018, a very close friend of mine passed away, and it caused some severe disruption in my life. I experienced depression and anxiety, and suicidal ideation. I also found myself very lonely, isolating myself from friends because of how depressed I was.

In November, I reached out to a mutual friend of the one who passed. I reached out because I saw her surrounded by friends, and I saw her experiencing joy, even through grief. She was a Christian and posted a lot on her social media about God, and it drew me in, so we decided to go out for dinner and talk about her experience as a Christian. It went very well, and she invited me to her youth group, where she was a leader. My mental health was worsening, and I didn’t make much of an effort to find time to go. I also had dance classes at the same time every week as the group.

On January 1st, however, I didn’t have dance class because of winter break and made the best decision of my life. I went to the youth group. And I met Jesus there. I remember standing in a row with a bunch of strangers, watching my friend sing on the worship team. I had tears streaking down my face because I so badly wanted to feel something. I wanted to feel better again. The worship team started playing Glorious Day by Passion, and I remember listening to the words and being transformed as my heart cried out to God. I was tired of hurting and being angry. And at that moment, God met me there. I felt all the darkness and sadness and anger and anxiety leave my body and in its place was peace and joy. I cried even more as I felt His mighty presence. His presence was so much bigger than anything I had ever felt. Later that night, I talked with the leaders and some other youth about my experience and getting connected. I’ve been following Jesus as a Christian ever since that day of healing. Praise God!

Since then, I have seen God move in such amazing ways and my relationship with God has deepened so much. He moved me up to Washington in November of 2021 to be with my aunt and uncle and their three kids. Life has changed a lot, but God has been so faithful in everything. I love our youth here and look forward to leading them in a life with Jesus!

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