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Micaiah Meyer

Assistant Program Manager and Marketing Coordinator, Oregon

About Micaiah Meyer

Hey! I’m Micaiah. I’m from Sandy, Oregon and I love being outside! My favorite activities are rock climbing, snowboarding/splitboarding, mountaineering, rafting, and backpacking. What I enjoy even more, is sharing these fun (and challenging) activities with others so we all can experience God’s creation and love in a new way. There’s little that can compare to standing atop a mountain, looking over the vastness of creation, and it’s moments like these that the spirit moves in crazy ways. That’s what gets me stoked about wilderness ministry.


I grew up spending most of my time outside… really almost always up in trees. Once I was in high school I found myself working in camp ministry and have been glued to it ever since.  I studied wilderness leadership in college, and right after that I moved across the country for an internship working in camp ministry. Now I’m excited to come back to Oregon and work with Youth Dynamics Adventures!


When I’m not on adventures outdoors, I’m probably either painting, hanging out with friends, or taking my classic Beetle out for a drive.

Contact Info

(971) 337-7677