Julia Bedell

Intern, Stonewater

About Julia

Hi! I’m Julia Bedell. I was born and raised in Southern California but have been living in NW Oregon for the past four years studying theology at George Fox University. Growing up in the desert of Southern California, the outdoors was always a spiritual place for me, a space extraordinarily primed for connection with God and others. I moved to Oregon with the intention of pursuing Christian formation and ministry in the outdoors and, by God’s grace, I connected with Youth Dynamics locally in Oregon, ultimately landing in Washington as Stonewater summer staff in 2023.

After graduation, my hope was to join a team that pursued spiritual formation and Christian discipleship in the community of creation, and I have been so blessed to get to know the community of YD and their steadfast pursuit of Christ and holistic transformation in the lives of youth. As an intern, I am stoked to join in this mission and minister the Lord’s grace to youth in the crux of their young lives.

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