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Natalie Barth

Intern, Anacortes

Hi, Im Natalie!

I grew up in the same church my entire life, so my church is like a second family to me. I always went to the kid’s nights and, eventually, the youth group. My aunt was the youth leader at my church, so the youth group always felt like home. When I first heard of Youth Dynamics, I didn’t even bother putting much thought into another youth group, but when Chris Ward became the Area Director, my youth leader told me I should go to one of the Youth “Connects” on Friday to see what YD was all about. I fell in love with YD.

I started to come fairly consistently, and when our first adventure trip happened, I signed up immediately. That trip opened my eyes to a whole new world of ministry! The following year I went again, and these trips just kept blowing my mind! Our Winter Trip 2023 was the most impactful, though. All the different Youth Dynamic areas from Washington came to Leavenworth to stay at Stonewater for a four-day weekend. This was the weekend that changed my life. This was when I found out that I was called to youth ministry. When the event ended, I was honestly a little depressed; I didn’t want this to end. So, when I learned it didn’t have to, I jumped on the opportunity to join the Anacortes Communities Internship program!

Having the chance to be an intern is incredible; I will be able to see what “behind the scenes” of ministry looks like AND have experiences that will lead me in the direction God is calling me to go! I am so excited about what God has planned for my life, and I am blessed to start this journey at Youth Dynamics Anacortes!

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