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Tristan Stuemke

Intern, Idaho

About Tristan

Hello, I’m Tristan!

Growing up in Alaska, adventure was always at my back door; whether it was backpacking, skiing, or climbing, the feats of God’s creation were always calling my name. I came to know Christ in the spring of 2021 at a youth retreat in Soldotna, Alaska. From there on, I fell deeply in love with the glory of God, so I sought to know him more by finding an education in Biblical studies at Ecola Bible College. Since then, I’ve discovered a passion for youth ministries, aiming to help the next generation fall in love with Christ with an experience similar to mine.

With Youth Dynamics, I seek to bring Youth to Christ while giving them memories that will last a lifetime, showing them God in every adventure they encounter. Helping build perseverance and relationships through Christ, one another, and the outdoors. Adventure awaits us all, and God is our guide!

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