This category is for all adventure staff – regardless of base location.

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Salmon River Adventure Base Director, Idaho

Robert Guerin Salmon River Adventure Base Director, Idaho About Robert “Tex” Guerin Contact Info 509-679-7221 Support Robert Guerin! Robert Guerin Close

Ryan Bentley 2020

Base Director, Idaho

Ryan Bentley Base Director, Idaho About Ryan Bentley Washington Adventure Volunteer 2001-2009 Idaho Summer Staff 2009 Idaho Program Manager 2009-2017 IdahoAdventure Director 2017-Present   I showed up to my first Youth Dynamics adventure trip pretty sure that the Christian rafters would make me use a bible as a paddle or something strange like that. However,…

Teliesha Batuik

Program Manager, Idaho

Teliesh Batuik Program Manager Youth Dynamics Adventures Idaho About Teliesha Batuik I first felt called into youth ministry when I was about 13.  I was in church with my mom and heard someone talk about a treatment center for at risk youth. At that moment I knew I wanted to help teens when I grew…

Paul Spence

Vice President of Adventures

Paul Spence Vice President of Adventures About Paul Spence “And Don’t Get Wet” were the last words I would hear daily as the screen door was slamming behind me. As a kid in the summer, I was headed into the woods, exploring for critters or more than often following a stream to find its headwaters,…

Tracy Hamilton

Associate Horse Manager, Stonewater

Tracey Hamilton Associate Horse Manager Stonewater About Tracey Hamilton Horses are a great partner for ministry. My passion is to see students’ lives impacted by horses and transformed by Jesus. What a unique opportunity to parallel God’s desire that we trust Him with our approach of asking these free-spirited animals to trust us. We learn…

Ken Solem

Horse Program Manager, Stonewater

Ken Solem Horse Program Manager Stonewater About Ken Solem Sitting around the campfire talking about Jesus and life after a long day of riding horses, eating good food, and just plain ole having fun, is the best! Perhaps its because I gave my life to Christ around a campfire at a camp when I was…

Rick D'Atre

Program Director/Wilderness Manager, Stonewater

Rick D’Atre Program Director/Wilderness Manager, Stonewater About Rick D’Atre I first heard about Youth Dynamics at an Urbana Missions Conference in 1996. My wife and I decided to come out as Summer Staff the following summer with the intent of becoming full-time staff. That summer wasn’t without its struggles and disappointments, but it was the…

Katelynn Kazen 2021

Staffing Manager, Stonewater

Katelynn Kazen Staffing Manager, Stonewater About Katelynn Kazen I was born and raised in Arlington, WA in a Christian home. My parents started volunteering with Youth Dynamics back in the early 1990’s as raft guides so I grew up around the river and wilderness ministry. I have so many fond memories of that time. Growing…

Brandon Burie 2022

Marketing Coordinator / Area Staff, Idaho

Brandon Burie Marketing Coordinator / Area Staff, Idaho About Brandon Burie Hi all! My favorite memories from growing up all seem to involve some adventure in the outdoors whether it be skiing, hiking, the beach, or football in the yard, being outside was a big part of my childhood and I believe is a big…

Allyx Goodman

Staffing Manager, Oregon

Allyx Williams Staffing Manager, Oregon About My name is Allyx Williams, and I’m a PNW local right out of Everett, Washington. I fell in love with the outdoors at a young age and could often be found riding my bike, climbing trees, or romping around with my brothers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to…