All staff who are part of support services.

Jhuerta 800x800

Community Ministry

José Huerta Vice President of Community Ministry About José José and his wife Megan have served youth all over the globe. José grew up in Texas in one of the border cities. He came to a saving faith in Jesus when he was a teen, through the example and faithfulness of his mother and his…

Kyla Mitcham

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Kyla Mitcham Ministry Experience Intern About Kyla I have been a Christian all my life, but my faith faced its greatest test during my youth. In those years, I felt the most distant from God, not truly understanding what it meant to be comforted and healed by Him. I grappled with loneliness and believed that…

Paul Spence

Vice President of Adventures

Paul Spence Vice President of Adventures About Paul Spence “And Don’t Get Wet” were the last words I would hear daily as the screen door was slamming behind me. As a kid in the summer, I was headed into the woods, exploring for critters or more than often following a stream to find its headwaters,…

Sarah Strickland

MPD Coaching Director

Sarah Strickland MPD Coaching Director About Sarah Strickland I love Jesus and it is an honor and privilege to work with a team who’s goal is to glorify Him! I started with Youth Dynamics in 2001 as an intern—and have never left. I love what we do and why we do it! I’ve done a…

Susan Lange

Director of Development and Communications

Susan Lange Director of Development and Communications About Susan Lange I have a Visual Communications degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology from Western Washington University. Since 2008, I have worked in nonprofit development which perfectly blends my background in graphic arts and human services. It is…

Aleia Haslett 2022

Accounting & Office Assistant

Aleia Haslett Accounting & Office Assistant, Support Services About Aleia Haslett Over 10 years ago I gave my life to Christ while attending a youth group where Jeremiah 31:3-4 was spoken over me: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness. I will build you up again and…

Tom Davis


Tom Davis President About Tom Davis Tom became President of Youth Dynamics on March 13, 2017. He has been involved in youth ministry for nearly 20 years and is passionate about helping young people know the good news of Jesus Christ. Before Youth Dynamics, Tom served as Executive Director for Seattle Area Youth for Christ,…

Melissa Stewart

Office Administrator

Melissa Stewart Office Administrator, Support Services About Melissa Stewart Contact Info (360) 757-1337 Support Youth Dynamics! Youth Dynamics Close

Josh Van Dyk 2021

Finance Director

Josh Van Dyk Finance Director, Support Services About Josh Van Dyk I am the Finance Director at Youth Dynamics. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago until I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan for college where I got my degree in Accounting. In 2021, I moved from Michigan to Washington State as I felt…

Heather Amann

Human Resources Director

Heather Amann Human Resources Director About Well hello! I’m Heather, an Oregon native who likes rain, although I’d prefer it not to flood my tent. I love to play outside, which since our daughter was born mostly involves hiking, camping, and climbing trees. Rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and sometimes SCUBA with my husband, Shawn,…